Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

At J & K Sheet Metal, our specialty is custom stainless steel fabrication – using leading precision fabrication equipment at our local Kilsyth facilities, we offer a broad range of fabrication services, targeted towards commercial kitchen applications and fittings. If you’re interested in learning more about our market leading fabrication services, call now on 0438 811 147.

Duct Fabrication


Our fabrication services are integrated into a preliminary planning process – using the CADD system (Computer Aided Drafting Design) we’re able to comprehensively map out a kitchen’s finished design before even beginning our bench, canopy or duct fabrication. It’s this stage which is key to our high levels of customer satisfaction, allowing clients to offer input into the fabrications before the work commences - so they know they’re getting precisely what they asked for. When it comes to the sheet metal fabrication Melbourne businesses can trust in, it has to be J&K.


One of our key areas of expertise is in kitchen canopies, exhaust ducting and general duct fabrication. Essential in any busy kitchen, having a quality exhaust system improves efficiency and safety when intense heat, smoke and steam are a constant. Our duct fabrication services can be tailored to your exact space, with CADD virtual modelling giving our customers an insight into the ducting and overhead exhaust hood design.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication


We also offer custom stainless steel fabrication across a range of benches, sinks and cool rooms. Worktop hygiene is vital to ensuring your commercial kitchen meets all necessary food safety codes, and using our stainless steel sheet metal fabrication gives Melbourne restaurants surfaces that are easy to wipe-down, work on and maintain.


However, J&K Sheet Metal offers more than specialist commercial kitchen fit outs. At our local Kilsyth-based fabrication facilities, we offer general sheet metal fabrication across a range of applications and needs. With our integrated CADD system offering unparalleled flexibility when it comes to sheet metal specifications and meeting your expectations, we’re your go-to name for custom stainless steel fabrication across the board.


So, if you’re interested in our services and products, call now on 0438 811 147. Providing general and commercial sheet metal fabrication for Melbourne residents and businesses, J&K Sheet Metal is your one-stop shop for fantastic stainless steel fittings and products.